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    Senior $255     18-60+ or juniors 15 -17 years pay senior fee if playing in a senior grade must register as a senior

    Junior $220       9 to 17 years 

    Boys under age of 12 register in this grade

    NetSetGo $200    6 to 8 years Boys and girls

    AKV can be used in the course of registering your child online. make sure you apply for the voucher before starting registration. If you forget contact the club and we can claim it for you.


    Families of 3 or more players (3 dependent children or a Senior player and two dependent children) can apply for a voucher to reduce the payment of their Fundraising Levy. Children over 18 and working are not considered dependent children. If you would like a voucher to reduce the payment email stnicholasrego and the registrar will send you the link for the voucher to be used to reduce your fees.

    Fees include 

    Netball Australia fees, Netball New South Wales fees, PDNA fees, St Nicholas Fees

    This includes a fundraising Levy, Workers in canteen payments, UmpirePayments, Storage Unit

    Junior and Senior Presentation.


    This new system means that people have to pay upfront at the time of registration. We realise that in these hard times that some parents cannot afford the fees upfront, if this is the case you are to contact St Nicholas Netball, explain the amount you need for your family and we will issue vouchers to be used. A payment plan will be organised  to repay the fees. This will all be confidential.

    Don’t miss out on playing.

    If you're an unfinancial player you won't be allowed to register unless you contact us and set up a payment plan. Unfinacial players will not be able to register with another club.


    Mixed Teams/Male Teams

     Junior and Senior teams can register to play in a mixed team. Seniors can play in a mixed team as well as another club team, additional fee. 

    Once you have a team with 3 males in it email and registration will be opened. Same family discount can be used.


    Club Hoodie (no zip) $70


    Club Hoodie (zip) $75

    Hoodie No Zip

    Club Polo $45

    Hoodie With Zip

    Club bike pants $45

    Club Polo 1

    Club long sleevePolo (Limited sizes) $30

    Bike Pants

    Dress $75

    Shorts & Singlets Girls/Ladies $35

    Club Polo 2

    Shorts Boys/Men $35


    Singlets Boys/Men $35

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